10.7.14 Rio Dell Fire Protection District meeting discussing proposed 525% increase in fire assessment tax

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Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department

Friends helping friends

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Shane Wilson (Clip)

City Council Meeting

February 6th, 2007


Emergency Response

January 19th, 2007

The Ambulance was about 5 minutes later


Car Amnesty Day



10.31.06 Annexation Meeting at the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department



1.18.07 Update:  We are told that another tree fell a couple of weeks later and completely took out the line.  Watch for falling trees!

If you look closely you can see that the tree fell almost exactly on the edge of the patch.  You can see the beginning of the patch at the bottom of the picture.  This corresponds to our previous video of the emergency bridge repairs that occurred at the beginning of the year.  Steve :-)


October 12th 5:30pm Meeting at the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department
October 12th 6:pm Meeting at the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department


Posted on the front door of the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department October 9th, 2006

The Rio Dell-Scotia News states that the Fire Hall is being remodeled and this is why they have cancelled the haunted house and crafts bazaar in addition to the popular bingo night .  A local citizen was also told that the hall is being remodeled and new flooring put in.  It is curious that they would cancel their fund raisers in order to put in flooring this time of year though.  As you can see from the sign above, which was posted on the door to the Fire Hall, not everyone agrees as to the reason for the cancellation.  Bingo has been a very popular activity, especially considering how few activities we have locally for our residents. 

If anyone has information as to how Rio Dell citizens can help in order to bring back the fun activities, please email us and we will put the word out.  Can anyone volunteer to help or does it have to be a spouse of a fire fighter? 

Our local fire fighters are all volunteer and need everyone's support in order to protect the community.  So...how can we all help?

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