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Rio Dell City Council - They will let you know!

- Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report - re. unsustainable city finances "if city government fails to successfully fix the problems within the next few years, or make significant progress, then a future city council should revisit the merits of a Community Services District" aka dissolve the city

Wolff v. City of Rio Dell - Public Works Investigation Report - Court order forcing city to release public record


2.20.18 Agenda Packet Includes final vote on amendments to commercial cannabis land use ordinance, emergency culvert repairs (Edwards Dr.), public works projects, Measure Z application and more...
2.6.18 Agenda Packet Includes amendments to commercial cannabis land use ordinance, sign regulations and more...
1.23.18 Special Meeting Agenda Packet Joint city council/planning commission meeting to consider amending commercial cannabis ordinance to allow adult use recreational business activities
1.16.18 Agenda Packet 1.16.18 Meeting - Includes fiscal audit report presentation, revision to city cannabis regulations to include adult recreational activities and more...
1.2.18 Agenda Packet Includes swearing-in of Jeff Conner as Chief of Police, sculpture pedestals, classification and compensation review and more...
12.5.17 Agenda Packet Includes discussion of water quality control board fines and resulting compliance project, consideration of abandonment of city interest request (off Third Ave. and orginally denied in 2008) and more...
11.21.17 Agenda Packet Includes human rights awareness proclamation, regional curbside recycling MOU, adoption of personal cannabis cultivation ordinance changes and more...
11.7.17 Agenda Packet Includes changes to personal cannabis cultivation ordinance, discussion of skate park, presentation on labor market and more...
10.17.17 Agenda Packet Includes approval of track and trace cannabis contract with SICPA, "In God We Trust" display in council chambers and more...
10.3.17 Agenda Packet Includes designation of road projects for FY 17/18, discussion of skate park, "In God We Trust" motto, possible uses of anticipated Measure X tax proceeds (commercial cannabis tax on Nov. ballot) and more...
9.19.17 Agenda Packet Includes discussion of police chief recruitment, active transportation program grant and more...
9.5.17 Agenda Packet Includes river access on Davis St., discussion of Wildwood median trees, approval of recreational cannabis sales ban and more...
8.15.17 Agenda Packet Includes evaluation of river access improvements on Davis St., approval of personal cannabis cultivation ordinance, ban on recreational cannabis sales and more...
8.1.17 Agenda Packet 8.1.17 Meeting - Includes declaration in honor of Dennis Wendt, retirement proclamation for Chief Hill, approval of raises for police officers and city clerk, approval of personal cultivation ordinance and more...
7.18.17 Agenda Packet 7.18.17 Meeting - Includes first reading of personal cannabis cultivation ordinance, discussion of collapsed sidewalk on Monument Rd. and more...
7.6.17 Agenda Packet Includes proclamation honoring Wally & Sandra Close, sculpture design presentation, second reading of commercial medical cannabis ordinance amendment to allow dispensary and more...
6.20.17 Agenda Packet Includes final approval of cargo container ban, resolution naming former Eel River Sawmill site, financial report and more...
6.6.17 Agenda Packet 6.6.17 Meeting - Includes Wildwood median removal request, reconsideration of cargo container ordinance, medical cannabis dispensary discussion and more...
5.16.17 Agenda Packet

5.16.17 Meeting - Includes public access to Eel River, medical cannabis dispensary proposal, cargo containers ban and more...

5.2.17 Agenda Packet FY 2017-18 Operating and capital budget, town holiday decorations discussion, requirement for city water hookups and more...
4.18.17 Agenda Packet 4.18.17 Meeting - Operating and capital budget review, presentation on draft cannabis enforcement and needs assessment report, sculpture discussion and more...
4.4.17 Agenda Packet 4.4.17 Meeting - Includes presentation on FY 2017-2018 budget cycle, commercial cannabis tax measure, cargo containers ordinance, water hookup requirement and more...
3.21.17 Agenda Packet 3.21.17 Meeting - Includes cannabis tax measure presentation, request by developer for the sale of CBD/THC infused products, renaming former Eel River Sawmill site and more...
3.7.17 Agenda Packet 3.7.17 Meeting - Includes discussion of personal medical cannabis regulations and Prop 64, resolution for cannabis business taxes, cargo container rules, design review committee, new police vehicles and more...
2.21.17 Agenda Packet 2.21.17 Meeting - Includes public works update, sewer overflows, mid-year financial report, election options for cannabis tax measure and more...
2.7.17 Agenda Packet 2.7.17 Meeting - Includes discussion of stakeholders meeting for Eel River Sawmill site, Pine St. development drainage problems, annual police report for 2017 and more...
2.6.17 Special Meeting Agenda Packet Study session to set priorities for 2017
1.17.17 Agenda Packet Includes first reading of amendment to change commerical medical cannabis ordinance and more...
1.3.17 Agenda Packet 1.3.17 Meeting - Includes swearing in of new council members, election of mayor, salary increases, $600 bonus for staff and more...


12.6.16 Agenda Packet Includes approval of amended salary table and employee contracts (including police), traffic study for sawmill site, establishing cannabis activity permit fees, suspension of phase two water rate adjustment and more...
11.15.16 Agenda Packet Includes financial reports and presentation, discussion of downtown parking lot project, second reading and possible adoption of three different ordinances and more...
11.1.16 Agenda Packet Includes bid award to JZ Contracting for Old Ranch Rd water line replacement, proposal by Dias Artistry for reclaimed old growth redwood and more...
10.18.16 Agenda Packet 10.18.16 Meeting - Includes vote on commercial medical cannabis land use ordinance (revised), community choice aggregation, presentation by Rio Dell Family Resource Center and more...
10.4.16 Agenda Packet Includes presenation on tourism business improvement district, removal of architectural barrier at city hall and more...
9.20.16 Agenda Packet Includes bottled water proposal, Old Ranch Rd waterline replacement request for proposal and more...
9.6.16 Agenda Packet 9.6.16 Meeting - Includes presentation on Measure "S" county cannabis cultivation tax, introduction of revised Rio Dell commercial medical cannabis ordinance (restricts activities to Eel River Sawmill cite, bans dispensaries and more)
8.16.16 Agenda Packet 8.16.16 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes sewer rates presentation by Bartle Wells, cannabis land use ordinance discussion, increase budget to go towards two new police vehicles and more...
8.2.16 Agenda Packet 8.2.16 Meeting - Council will reconsider placing a commercial cannabis tax measure on the November ballot, appointment of three planning commission members and more...
7.26.16 Special Meeting Agenda 7.26.16 Meeting - Reconsideration of commercial medical cannabis ordinance limited to Eel River Sawmill site and possible public advisory vote on commercial cannabis
7.19.16 Agenda Packet 7.19.16 Meeting - Includes reconsideration of commercial medical cannabis ordinance limited to former Eel River Sawmill site only, presentation on city engineering projects and more...
7.5.16 Agenda Packet 7.5.16 Meeting - Includes contradictory votes on reconsideration of commercial medical cannabis ordinance while also blocking cannabis tax measure from going to the voters in November...
6.21.16 Agenda Packet 6.21.16 Meeting - Council votes 3-2 to stop consideration of commercial medical cannabis ordinance after more than 6 months deliberation
6.14.16 Special Meeting Agenda Packet 6.14.16 Meeting - Introduction and first reading of cannabis business tax proposal
6.13.16 Special Meeting Agenda Packet

Includes approval of operating and capital budget and more...


6.7.16 Agenda Packet

6.7.16 Meeting (Audio Only) - Public hearing on commercial medical cannabis ordinance including discussion of dispensaries and testing laboratories, approval of capital budget and more...

Note-special meetings are now required because the June 7th council meeting was abruptly ended due to the actions of a single resident to stop debate of medical cannabis ordinance. KMUD Reports (audio)

5.24.16 Agenda Packet

Tax Measure Slides

5.24.16 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes public hearing on commercial medical cannabis regulations focued on track and trace program and taxing options for the city
5.17.16 Agenda Packet 5.17.16 Meeting - Includes commercial medical marijuana ordinance re. concentrates and edibles, approval of operating budget and more...
5.10.16 Agenda Packet 5.10.16 Meeting - Public Hearing re. Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance
5.3.16 Agenda Packet 5.3.16 Meeting - Includes overview of state and county medical marijuana ordinances and budget review
4.19.16 Agenda Packet 4.19.16 Meeting - Includes approval of waste and recycle agreement with Eel River Disposal, presentation of FY 2014-2015 audit, schedule public hearings for medical marijuana commercial land use regulations, resolution establishing water rates for RV spaces and more...
4.12.16 Planning Commission 4.12.16 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes discussion of commercial medical marijuana testing laboratories and dispensaries. Ordinances approved 3-0 (two absences) to send to the full council for approval...
4.5.16 Agenda Packet 4.5.16 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes water service to community garden, purchase of electronic sign for public information and more
3.22.16 Planning Commission 3.22.16 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - re. commercial medical marijuana manufacturing, including extraction and edibles, ordinances
3.15.16 Agenda Packet 3.15.16 Meeting - Includes discussion of water rates for RV/Mobilehome Parks, presentation on Rio Dell Community Resource Center, discussion of agreement with Miranda's Rescue and more...
3.8.16 Planning Commission 3.8.16 Planning Commission Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - re. commercial medical marijuana ordinances
3.1.16 Agenda Packet 3.1.16 Meeting - Includes presentation by GHD on multiple water projects, discussion of adding an alternate to planning commission, approve of a Master Fee Schedule
2.23.16 Planning Commission 2.23.16 Planning Commission Meeting re. commercial medical marijuana ordinances
2.16.16 Agenda Packet 2.16.16 Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes contract with Chamber of Commerce, discussion of Measure Z funding, city website redesign, Habitat for Humanity project and more...
2.2.16 Agenda Packet Includes mid-year budget update, discussion of animal control issues, downtown parking lot and more...
1.19.16 Agenda Packet 1.19.16 Meeting - Includes presentation on city engineering, public comment re failure of animal control in Rio Dell and more...
1.14.16 Planning Commission 1.14.16 Planning Commission Meeting re. commercial medical marijuana ordinances
1.5.16 Agenda Packet 1.5.16 Meeting - Includes discussion of water rate protest vote allegations, sewer system inflow & infiltration report, and more...


12.15.15 Agenda Packet 12.15.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 Includes financial report updates, discussion of the fire department contributing towards their own water bill and more...
  12.10.15 Medical Marijuana Town Hall
12.1.15 Agenda Packet Public hearing and vote tally on water rate hike
11.17.15 Agenda Packet Includes presentations on joint powers agreement related to employee benefits, Eel River Disposal franchise agreement and Redwood Coast Energy Authority, and more...
11.3.15 Agenda Packet Includes swearing in of two new police officers, presentations on various projects, contribution of transient occupancy taxes to the Chamber of Commerce, and more...
10.20.15 Agenda Packet 10.20.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes discussion of cannabis economic development opportunities study session, fencing regulations and more...
10.6.15 Agenda Packet 10.6.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Includes water rate hike do-over to speed up the implementation of the 70% increase
9.22.15 Agenda Packet 9.22.15 Special Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Includes vote to raise water rates, settlement agreement with SHN Consulting Engineers and more...

9.15.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - special meeting re. anticipated 70% water rate increase. *there will be a city council meeting on Sept. 22nd 6:30pm to possibly vote on the rate increase.

9.1.15 Agenda Packet 9.1.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes presentation on revised land use matrix, discussion of water rate study session agenda and more...
8.18.15 Agenda Packet 8.18.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Includes water rate hike options, analysis of past water rate increases and more...
8.4.15 Agenda Packet 8.4.15 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - includes presentation on water system infrastructure needs, water rate study presentation (w/large rate hikes), expedited solar systems permitting, and more...
7.21.15 Agenda Packet 7.21.15 Meeting - audio only
7.7.15 Agenda Packet 7.7.15 Meeting - Includes presentation on Metropolitan Well Site project preliminary plan, support for feasibility study for water pipeline from HCSD to Rio Dell. Approval of employment contracts: all Rio Dell city employees and police to receive a $600 bonus in December as part of one year employment extension MOU. City employees will also get their birthdays off with pay.
6.23.15 Special Meeting Part One - Part Two - Economic Development Workshop
6.16.15 Agenda Packet Includes FY 13-14 audit presentation, Metropolitan wells project update, Measure Z funds awarded to Rio Dell, and more...
6.2.15 Agenda Packet 6.2.15 Meeting - Includes FY 15-16 budget presentation, Old Ranch Rd. MOU discussion, and more...
5.27.15 Special Meeting Packet Special budget study session
5.19.15 Agenda Packet 5.19.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes presentations on water rate analysis by RCAC, Metropolitan Well project and active transportation grant application. Review of economic development options and more...
5.5.15 Agenda Packet 5.5.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes preliminary draft FY 2015-2016 budget presentation, Metropolitan Well project update and more...
4.21.15 Agenda Packet 4.21.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes discussion of Humboldt Waste Management Authority MOU, over $220,000 in CDBG grant funds the city must spend down, and more...
4.7.15 Agenda Packet 4.7.15 Meeting - Includes discussion of city parking lot and electric vehicle charging station, Metropolitan Well project and more...
3.17.15 Agenda Packet 3.17.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes presentation re new electric vehicle charging station in city lot, letter of support for AB 266 medical marijuana legislation, and more...
3.3.15 Agenda Packet 3.3.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes police cameras approval, Metropolitan well site project update and more...
2.17.15 Agenda Packet 2.17.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes update on grant application for bike and pedestrian safety projects and more...
2.3.15 Agenda Packet 2.3.15 Meeting - Part One - Part Two - Includes mid-year budget review, city manager work plan study session, changes to animal shelter ordinance, and more...
1.20.15 Agenda Packet 1.20.15 Meeting - Closed door session includes discussion of filing a lawsuit against residents of Old Ranch Rd. Public meeting includes discussion of $400 plaque honoring former City Manager Jim Stretch, and more...
1.6.15 Agenda Packet 1.6.15 Meeting - Includes election of Mayor for two-year term by new council


12.16.14 Agenda Packet 12.16.14 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 Includes discussion of Metropolitan Well Site Project, term limits for mayor and more...
12.2.14 Agenda Packet Includes employee health care benefits update and more...
11.18.14 Agenda Packet 11.18.14 Meeting - Includes discussion of employee health care benefit plan and more...
11.4.14 Agenda Election Day
10.21.14 Agenda Packet 10.21.14 Meeting Includes approval of general fund and gas tax transfer to cover deficits, amendment to nuisance regulations to include Administrative Fines ranging from $100-$500, update on Scotia water intertie project and more...
10.15.14 Town Hall 10.15.14 Town Hall meeting re. Measure U city sales tax increase

10.7.14 Agenda Packet

2014 Humboldt County Infrastructure Report Card

10.7.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 Presentations included county infrastructure report card, Measure Z county sales tax, Measure U city sales tax, and more...

Fire tax assessment increase meeting held the same night can be viewed here

9.16.14 Agenda Packet

Sewer rate change effects summary

9.16.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 Closed session to discuss pending litigation against SHN and anticipated litigation against residents of Old Ranch Rd. for an easement to city property. Public session includes swearing in of Officer Raymond Brady, discussion of sewer rate change effects on businesses, and more...
9.2.14 Agenda Packet 9.2.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 Includes East West Alternate Rail study presentation, public presentation regarding sewer rate fee increases for local business, etc.
8.19.14 Agenda Packet  
8.5.14 Agenda Packet 8.5.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes end of mandatory water rationing, presentation by Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, etc.
7.29.14 Special Meeting 7.29.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes discussion of excessive water use penalties (again), raw sewage dump on 1st Ave., etc.
7.22.14 Special Meeting 7.22.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 Introduction of new City Manager Kyle Knopp, discussion of excessive water use penalties, delay of sewer rate structure change, etc.
7.15.14 Agenda Packet 7.15.14 Meeting - Part 1 - Part 2 Discussion of water rationing, penalty fees for excessive use, etc.
7.8.14 Special Meeting 7.8.14 Meeting - Declaration of Stage 3 water emergency and immediate water rationing
7.1.14 Agenda Packet  
6.24.14 Special Meeting Agenda Packet 6.24.14 Meeting - Budget approval and an expected discussion of utility rates for Fire Department. Also delegation of budget adjustments authority and budget contingency plan
6.17.14 Agenda Packet Part 1 - Part 2 - Includes discussion of Prop 218 and utility charges for Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department. Note-the city does not pay for its own utility usage despite Prop 218.
6.10.14 Special Meeting Agenda Packet Budget study session regarding large budget deficit and plan to add staff to public works and police dept. City will decide what type of tax measure to put on the November ballot-utility tax or sales tax. General tax measure only requires 50% + 1 voter approval.
6.3.14 Agenda Packet Includes authorizing water rate study as first step in significant rate increase, consideration of adding Christian prayers to council meeting, etc. 
5.20.14 Agenda Packet Includes approval of sewer rate changes, Old Ranch Rd. water customers update (moving towards possible litigation), etc. Read the minutes from the budget meeting re. shortfall and references to some questionable activities to balance the books previously. City is also moving towards putting a tax increase for residents on the November ballot, raise water rates and more...
5.6.14 Agenda Packet Includes extension of contract with City Manager Jim Stretch, presentation re. Old Ranch Rd. water line, etc.

4.15.14 Agenda Packet

Letter to Kemp Inspection Service terminating contract

Includes Access Humboldt agreement, wastewater fees public hearing (will result in an increase to any home using more than 5 ccf units water monthly), and more... closed door session prior to public meeting includes consultation with legal counsel re. SHN lawsuit and anticipated suit against Roger Barisdale for encroachments in the cities right of way to the Eel River at the end of Painter St.

4.1.14 Agenda Packet

Added agenda item-termination of Kemp Inspection Service Contract

4.1.14 Meeting - includes discussion of gifted recreational property to city by school district, survey to establish right-of-way from end of Davis St to Eel River, termination of contract with Arnold Kemp of Kemp Inspection Service for failure to provide any certifications as required, problem with Eel River effluent pipeline easement and more...
3.18.14 Agenda Packet

3.18.14 Meeting -includes individual clips of speakers regarding the city proposal to significantly alter or terminate entirely the water service to homes on Old Ranch Rd.


3.4.14 Agenda Packet 3.4.14 Meeting Second District Supervisor Estelle Fennell Discusses water emergency plans and more.
2.18.14 Agenda Packet 2.18.14 Meeting Includes discussion of 66% increase in building permit fees, sludge from Ferndale, changes to the home occupation and cottage industry regulations, etc.
2.4.14 Agenda Packet 2.4.14 Meeting Includes city proposal to significantly increase building permit fees in order to make program self-supporting and to pay for basic professional insurance on behalf of independent contractor city building inspector Arnold Kemp. Fees would be raised drastically in order to cover the costs.
1.21.14 Agenda 1.21.14 Meeting Approx. 2 hr. Includes wastewater plant project update, biosolids giveaway approval, etc.
1.7.14 Agenda Packet  


12.17.13 Agenda Packet 12.17.13 Meeting Includes wastewater biosolids giveaway proposal, restricting motorized vehicles on the Eel River, public access to the river on Painter St. etc.
12.3.13 Agenda Packet 12.3.13 Meeting Includes Christmas tree lighting, project updates, debate over upgrading chamber sound system, parking ticket enforcement, nuisance ordinance changes, etc.
11.12.13 Agenda Packet 11.12.13 Meeting
10.15.13 Agenda (the agenda packet posted by the city is a corrupted file so unavailable to public online) 10.15.13 Meeting *The unavailable agenda packet contains the documents that councilmembers receive and it is the only place to see any details for the agenda items. Agenda includes approval of Open Space and Conservation Elements of the general plan but no details are available to the public online; the only way to view this is to go to city hall during open business hours.
10.1.13 Agenda Packet  
9.17.13 Agenda Packet

9.17.13 Study Session re. wastewater rate changes

9.17.13 Meeting

9.3.13 Agenda was not available online from the city 9.3.13 Meeting
8.20.13 Agenda Packet 8.20.13 Meeting
8.6.13 Agenda Packet 8.6.13 Meeting
6.18.13 Agenda Packet 6.18.13 Meeting
5.21.13 Agenda Packet 5.21.13 Meeting - Meeting includes city project status report by city engineer, approval of emergency riverbed alterations to the Eel River water intake area, Wildwood Ave. streetscape project update, etc.
5.7.13 Agenda Packet  

4.16.13 Agenda Packet

Special Meeting Packet

4.16.13 Meeting
4.2.13 Agenda Packet  
3.19.13 Agenda Packet 3.19.13 Meeting Includes grant application update by Winzler & Kelly
3.5.13 Agenda Packet  
2.26.13 Study Session 2.26.13 Study Session Re. Rental Inspection Program Part 1 - Part 2
2.19.13 Agenda Packet 2.19.13 Meeting
2.5.13 Agenda Packet 2.5.13 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 Discussion includes the proposed housing code and rental inspection program. An annual fee would be charged for every rental property in Rio Dell to pay for a yearly inspection. The idea to expand the inspections to all properties has already been brought up.

1.15.13 Agenda Packet

1.15.13 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Jack Thompson takes over as Mayor with Frank Wilson as Mayor Pro Tem. Agenda includes second public hearing and vote on medical marijuana ordinance, etc. Don't miss the brief discussion near the end of Part Two regarding the state of the roads in the Riverside Dr. area and how they could not have been resurfaced even if the voters had passed the $6 million dollar bond measure. Council member Wilson notes that the fact there is no asphalt to resurface on those roads should have been found by the person assessing them for the project originally.

1.3.13 Agenda Packet

1.3.13 Meeting Part 1 - Part 2 - Wastewater project update (pipe to run 60' under Eel River), medical marijuana public hearing, city rejoins League of Cities, etc.


12.4.12 Agenda Packet 12.4.12 Meeting City council approves $15,000 settlement in public record request suit after blocking the release of public documents until forced by court to release investigation report, etc.
11.20.12 Agenda Packet 11.20.12 Meeting Includes discussion of proposed improvements to city hall which would be funded by $1 million in reserves, new Welcome to Rio Dell sign to be installed at Eagle Prairie Bridge, etc.
11.8.12 Agenda Packet 11.8.12 Meeting Council ends contract with Miranda's Rescue claiming cost increase is excessive, business owners on Wildwood Ave. will have to pay for any needed sidewalk repairs themselves-won't be included in the streetscape improvement project, and much more...
10.16.12 Agenda Packet  
10.2.12 Agenda Packet 10.2.12 Meeting Includes public comments re. investigation report release & Rio Dell art district. Discussion of Wildwood Ave. streetscape project, etc.
9.18.12 Meeting Discussion with city attorney on what the City Council can and can't do. City is trying yet another attempt to pass a street bond issue renaming it from Measure X to Measure J. If Measure J passes city wide property taxes will increase.
9.4.12 Agenda Packet *Pipeline boring through town scheduled to begin Oct. 15th headed from wastewater treatment plant towards Metropolitan. City plans on putting the pipeline carrying treated wastewater 40' below the Eel River. Summary of project is in the agenda packet near the end.
8.21.12 Agenda Packet Wildwood Ave. streetscape project to be completely re-examined and scaled down due to lack of funds
8.7.12 Agenda Packet Includes changing the part-time city manager position back to full-time for a period of time, approval of increased water rates, changes to specific employment agreements (including the city manager, chief of police, city clerk, etc.) and more...

7.17.12 Agenda Packet

Includes preliminary remodel design for Kreations Auto Body, acceptance of petition signatures to place the failed street improvement bond measure back on the November ballot, etc.
7.10.12 July 10th, 2012 Rio Dell City Council meeting. Discussion of one way streets. Approval of Employee contracts for pay raises of 3% and approval of failed bond measure for street improvement to be placed on November ballot..
7.3.12 July 3rd, 2012 Rio Dell City Council meeting: Rio Dell Times Editor Sharon Wolff questions city regarding the $366,000 fines for the dozens of violations regarding sewage releases into the Eel River between 2006 thru 2012.
6.5.12 Agenda Packet  

5.29.12 Special Meeting Agenda

Council Packet

5.15.12 Agenda Packet  

5.1.12 Agenda

Council Packet

5.1.12 Meeting - includes approval of Wildwood Ave Streetscape redesign project

City confirms intention to release public records requested in Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit

4.17.12 Agenda packet

4.17.12 Meeting Part 1 - Council confirms hiring of expensive law firm to fight against release of public records in Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit

Part 2

Includes discussion of Wildwood Ave. streetscape project

4.3.12 Agenda

Council Packet


3.20.12 Agenda

Council Packet


3.6.12 Agenda

Council Packet


2.21.12 Agenda

Council Packet

2.21.12 Study Session re. animal control ordinance targeting dogs and dog owners

2.7.12 Agenda

Council Packet


1.17.12 Agenda

Council Packet Part 1

Council Packet Part 2

1.17.12 Study Session
1.3.12 Council Packet  


12.20.11 Council Packet  

12.6.11 Agenda

Council packet

11.22.11 Rio Dell Plaza Option Agreement 11.22.11 Special Meeting (to approve option agreement)

11.15.11 Agenda

Council packet

11.15.11 Meeting

11.1.11 Agenda

Council packet

11.1.11 Meeting

10.18.11 Agenda

Council packet


10.4.11 Agenda

Council packet

9.28.11 Joint City Council/Planning Commission Meeting Packet 9.28.11 Meeting

9.20.11 Agenda

Council packet

9.6.11 Agenda 9.6.11 Meeting

8.16.11 Agenda

Council packet

8.16.11 Meeting
8.2.11 Council packet  

7.19.11 Agenda

Council packet

7.19.11 Meeting

Smart Meter debate

7.5.11 Agenda

Council packet

7.5.11 Meeting clip (public presentation)
6.21.11 Agenda packet  
6.7.11 Agenda Packet  

5.17.11 Agenda

Council packet

5.3.11 Agenda 5.3.11 Meeting. Featuring more local citizens questioning the City about their problems involving Rio Dells CDBG aka Community Development Block Grant money which is United States Federal government money.

4.19.11 Agenda

Council packet

4.5.11 Council Packet 4.5.11 Meeting Rails for Trails

3.15.11 Agenda

Study session packet re. May St. subdivision

3.15.11 Meeting
3.1.11 Agenda

3.1.11 Meeting

3.1.11 Joint City Council/Planning Commission Study Session

2.15.11 Agenda

2.15.11 Meeting

City cites unidentified threat to public health, safety and welfare as reasons for moratorium against development. This has never been mentioned in the public hearings

2.1.11 Agenda

2.1.11 Rio Dell City Council and Planning Commission Study Session

(The city of Rio Dell is trying to unload thier Annexation bungles back onto the Humboldt County)

1.18.11 1.18.11 Meeting
1.4.11 Agenda - Agenda Packet  


12.7.10 Agenda

12.7.10 Meeting

12.7.10 Study Session

Sewer rate increase coming right after the new year. The $6 million dollar grant to fund the new wastewater system is in jeopardy as deadlines have passed. The city is now working on a very tight and optimistic time schedule to get the application completed or they will lose the grant. The city's sweetheart relationship with Winzler & Kelly appears to be coming to an end; the tension between them and the city was obvious as both sides deflected blame for the current crisis.

11.16.10 Agenda 11.16.10 Meeting with Barsanti and his Kentucky Fried Chicken!
11.2.10 Agenda  
10.19.10 Agenda

10.19.10 Meeting

10.19.10 Study Session

10.5.10 Agenda 10.5.10 Meeting
  9.28.10 Special Meeting
9.21.10 Agenda  
9.7.10 Agenda 9.7.10 Meeting
  9.2.10 Special Meeting (Annexation of Scotia)
8.31.10 8.31.10 Special Meeting (Annexation of Scotia)
8.17.10 Agenda  

8.3.10 Agenda

Full Council Packet

Draft 2008/2009 Audit Report


7.20.10 Agenda

Full Council Packet

7.20.10 Meeting
7.6.10 Agenda 7.6.10 Meeting

6.29.10 Special Meeting To Approve the Budget.

Note: The deficits don't match what they portrayed. by a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Now I regret the $100,000.00 popup of the last meeting...This ones about 32 minutes long.

  6.22.10 Meeting

6.15.10 Agenda

6.15.10 Meeting
6.8.10 Special Meeting Agenda  

6.1.10 Agenda

Full Council Packet


5.18.10 Agenda

Full Council Packet

5.18.10 Meeting
5.4.10 Agenda  

4.20.10 Agenda

Full council packet

4.20.10 Meeting
4.6.10 Agenda 4.6.10 Meeting
3.16.10 Agenda 3.16.10 Meeting

3.2.10 Council Packet


3.2.10 Meeting (Scotia attorney speaks to Annexation issue in Part 2)
2.16.10 Agenda 2.16.10 Meeting
2.2.10 Agenda 2.2.10 Meeting

1.19.10 Agenda with

Full Council Packet

1.19.10 Meeting
  1.12.10 Special Meeting (Rio Dell City Councils Wastewater Treatment Plan)

1.5.10 Agenda

Full Council Packet

1.5.10 Meeting


12.15.09 Agenda 12.15.09 Meeting
12.1.09 Agenda 12.1.09 Meeting (Extreme Counter Measures in Effect for low talkers!)
11.17.09 Agenda Full Council Packet
11.3.09 Agenda

11.3.09 Meeting

11.3.09 Meeting Highlights

(Approval of putting "In God We Trust" above the City Logo in the chambers.)

10.20.09 Agenda 10.20.09 Meeting "In God We Trust" Recommendation for Council Chambers.
10.6.09 City Council meeting cancelled due to lack of a quorum
9.15.09 Agenda

9.15.09 Meeting

Note: More complaints about "Mumbling Bumbling" City Council Meetings.

9.1.09 Agenda 9.1.09 Meeting Waste Water Increase Approved!
8.25.09 Agenda 8.25.09 Public Hearing on Wastewater Rate Increases
8.18.09 Agenda 8.18.09 Meeting
8.4.09 Agenda 8.4.09 Meeting

7.21.09 Agenda

Council Packet

7.21.09 Meeting

*The council packet includes a notation buried in 7.14.09 minutes of closed session re. hiring Police Chief Graham Hill as Interim City Manager at $62,000.

  7.16.09 Meeting
7.7.09 Agenda 7.7.09 Meeting (Note: Nancy Flemming was present up until the end of the closed door session where we believe that she resigned. Mayor Julie Woodall declared no actions were taken once again. To our knowledge with all of the closed sessions no actions have been publicly reported for months.)
7.1.09 Meeting (Note: this is the last meeting with Nancy Flemming as the Rio Dell City Manager)
  6.30.09 Special Meeting
6.16.09 Agenda 6.16.09 Meeting
6.2.09 Agenda 6.2.09 Meeting
  5.26.09 Emergency Budget Meeting
5.19.09 Agenda 5.19.09 Meeting
5.5.09 Agenda

5.5.09 Meeting

Meeting Highlights (4 new fees discussed)

4.21.09 Agenda

4.21.09 Special Meeting

4.21.09 Regular Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  4.7.09 Meeting
3.17.09 Agenda

3.17.09 Special Meeting

The March 17, 2009 special meeting regarding Rio Dells wastewater treatment plan and an update to the annexation of Metropolitan. Councilmember Marc Barsanti votes no. Note: the change from type one efflueant to type 2.

Meeting Highlights

3.10.09 3.10.09 Midyear budget review meeting
3.3.09 Rio Dell City Council Wastewater study session
3.3.09 Agenda 3.3.09 Meeting (Note: This is one of two different meetings that the city council had on this date. This is the regularly scheduled meeting).
2.17.09 Agenda 2.17.09 Meeting
2.3.09 Agenda

2.3.09 Meeting

1.20.09 Cancelled  
1.6.09 Agenda

1.6.09 Meeting

1.6.09 Meeting Highlights


12.16.08 Agenda  
12.2.08 Agenda 12.2.08 Meeting Election Day!
11.18.08 Agenda 11.18.08 Meeting
11.4.08 Agenda 11.4.08 Meeting


10.21.08 Meeting

10.7.08 Agenda

10.7.08 Meeting

A regular at the local bar "Mingo's" the Mayor talks about the city business cutting into his drinking time! Is this guy really the best Rio Dell can do? What a disgrace!

  9.23.08 Meeting
9.16.08 Agenda

9.16.08 Meeting

The previously announced public hearing for the declaration of no environmental impact to the annexations and general plan doesn't appear to be scheduled.

9.2.08 Agenda 9.2.08 Meeting
8.19.08 Agenda 8.19.08 Meeting
  8.5.08 Meeting

7.25.08 Agenda

7.25.08 Meeting
7.15.08 Agenda

7.15.08 Meeting

7.1.08 Agenda

7.1.08 Meeting

6.17.08 Agenda

6.17.08 Meeting

5.20.08 Agenda

5.6.08 Agenda

5.6.08 Meeting

Rio Dell City Council votes 3-2 to move forward with wastewater treatment plant and disposal in Metropolitan. Council Members Marks and Barsanti dissenting.

4.15.08 Agenda 4.15.08 Meeting (Water Rate Hike)
4.1.08 Agenda 4.1.08 Meeting
3.18.08 Agenda 3.18.08 Meeting
3.4.08 Agenda 3.4.08 Study Session
3.4.08 Meeting
2.19.08 Agenda 2.19.08 Meeting
  2.5.08 Meeting
1.8.08 Agenda 1.8.08 Meeting
12.18.07 Agenda

Coming eventually !!!

12.4.07 Agenda Coming someday !!
  12.3.07 Public Hearing
11.6.07 Agenda 11.6.07 Public Hearing
11.6.07 Meeting
10.16.07 Agenda 10.16.07 Meeting
10.2.07 Agenda 10.2.07 Meeting
9.18.07 Agenda 9.18.07 CDBG Committee Meeting
9.18.07 Meeting
9.4.07 Agenda 9.4.07 Meeting
8.21.07 Agenda 8.21.07 Meeting
8.7.07 Agenda 8.7.07 Meeting
7.10.07 Agenda 7.10.07 Meeting
6.19.07 Agenda 6.19.07 Meeting
6.5.07 Agenda 6.5.07 Meeting (Sewer Rate Increase, Car Amnesty Day Repairs, More...)
  5.15.07 Sewer Rate Study Session + Regular Meeting
5.8.07 Agenda 5.8.07 Budget Review Study Session
5.1.07 Agenda 5.1.07 Meeting
  4.20.07 Meeting about Sewer Increase
4.17.07 Agenda 4.17.07 Meeting
4.3.07 Agenda 4.3.07 Meeting with Sewer Study Session
3.20.07 Agenda 3.20.07 Meeting
3.6.07 Agenda 3.6.07 Meeting
2.20.07 Agenda 2.20.07 Meeting
2.6.07 Agenda 2.6.07 Meeting
  1.23.07 Annexation Study Session
1.16.07 Agenda 1.16.07 Meeting
1.2.07 Agenda 1.2.07 Meeting


  12.5.06 Meeting
11-21-06 Agenda 11.21.06 Meeting
11-7-06 Agenda 11-7-06 Meeting
10-30-06 Public Hearing  
10.28.06 Wastewater Treatment Study Session  

10-24-06 Agenda

10-24-06 Meeting
10-03-06 Agenda 10-3-06 Meeting
9-25-06 Public Hearing  
9-19-06 Agenda 9-19-06 Meeting Updated with meeting notes!
  9-12-06 Meeting
Agenda 8-15-06 Meeting Notes 8-15-06 Finally updated!
Agenda 8-1-06  

Notice of Election 3 City Council Member positions

Agenda 7-18-06   Meeting Notes 7-18-06
Agenda 7-5-06   Meeting Notes 7-5-06
Budget Meeting 6-27-06 Agenda   Budget Meeting Notes 6-27-06
Agenda 6-20-06   Meeting Notes 6-20-06
Agenda 6-6-06   Not posted-sorry =^(
Not posted-sorry =^(   Annexation Meeting Notes 5-30-06
Agenda 5-2-06   Meeting Notes 5-2-06
Agenda 4-18-06   Meeting Notes 4-18-06
Agenda 4-4-06   Meeting Notes 4-4-06
Agenda 3-21-06   Meeting Notes 3-21-06
Agenda 3-7-06   Meeting Notes 3-7-06
Agenda 2-21-06   Meeting Notes 2-21-06
Agenda 2-7-06   Meeting Notes 2-7-06
Agenda 1-17-06   Meeting Notes 1-17-06
Agenda 1-3-06   Meeting Notes 1-3-06
Agenda 12-20-05   Meeting Notes 12-20-05
Agenda  12-6-05   Meeting Notes 12-6-05
Agenda  11-15-05   Meeting Notes 11-15-05
Agenda  11-1-05   Meeting Notes 11-1-05


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