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2013 another banner year for the

July 15th, 2014 Game Version Update Online! Xube Cube

Go Ducks Go O R E G O N!!! Oregon Ducks win the Alamo Bowl 30-7!

Freedom of Information Act/California Public Records Act Page

Public works department investigation report into 'felony level offense embezzlement of property' from city

Click for Rio Dell, California Forecast

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7.27.14 Meeting highlights (audio) from July 22nd special meeting - KMUD Reports

7.26.14 Drought Resources - University of California Cooperative Extension

Drought preparedness, water conservation and water supply emergency response (includes funding opportunities)

California North Coast River Flows Real Time Measurements - Dreamflows

7.25.14 Possession of Dungeness Crab (Over the Legal Limit!)

7.24.14 The July 22nd Meeting Part 1 and Part 2 are online! Includes introduction of new City Manager Kyle Knopp, discussion of excessive water use penalties, delay of sewer rate structure change, etc.

7.23.14 Council to vote on implementing excessive use penalties at another special meeting on Tues. July 29th 6:30pm. Residents will be asked to notify city of how many are in the household and any possible exemptions such as medical or livestock (non-commercial)

Proposed excessive water usage penalty fees (to be approved at 7/29/14 special meeting)

July city wide water usage chart to date

Meeting highlights (audio report) from July 15th meeting - KMUD Reports

John Wayne Ellis wanted after vehicle pursuit through Eureka

Postal inspector indicted for stealing mail

2014-2015 tax assessment roll is available online

7.22.14 Homicide Rancho Sequoia

7.21.14 Wanted Suspect Caught

Homicide Update!

Vehicle Burglary Update!

7.19.14 Alderpoint homicide - suspect at large

Special Meeting Tues July 22 6:30pm Agenda Packet - to address excessive use water penalties, delay implementation of sewer rate structure changes, introduction of new city manager and more...

Summary of state response to exemption request to continue drawing water from the Eel River for health & safety reasons

Sell it to save it: water district considering mega-pipelines - Mad River Union

7.18.14 Marijuana Investigation

Vehicle Burglary Sheriff requests help identifying suspects

Coming to Scotia's Winema Theater: Documentary focusing on ending stigma of mental illness

Warning on Blue Green Algae in Local Rivers, Lakes, MORE!!!

7.17.14 The 7.15.14 Council Meeting Part 1 and Part 2 are Online! Includes discussion of water rationing, excessive use penalty fees and more...

7.16.14 Rio Dell City Council Special Meeting Tues July 22nd 6:30pm to address fines for excessive water use. Penalties are already in place with the declaration of the water emergency-fines would be in addition to or in place of the penalties. Council also will discuss delaying implementation of sewer rate structure changes due to water emergency.

Video of last night's well-attended council meeting coming soon!

Statewide mandatory water restrictions and fines to begin - The Desert Sun

7.15.14 Big Game Update!!! Xube

7.14.14 Lost Coast 4x4's 15th Annual Eel River Bar Cleanup Sept. 7th

Wildberries Marketplace announces partnership with Humboldt Made

Humboldt Bay Fire Joint Powers Authority Meeting July 17th Agenda

7.13.14 Death Investigation

City council meeting Tues July 15th 6:30pm Agenda Packet - includes discussion of prayer guidelines for public meetings, water rate penalties for excessive use during water emergency, etc.

7.11.14 Rio Dell Exerpt from County of Humboldt upcoming Agenda Discussion on Local Drought Conditions MORE!!!

7.10.14 The July 8th Special Meeting to declare water emergency is online!

Point of No Return? - North Coast Journal

7.9.14 Stage 3 water emergency declared in Rio Dell - KMUD Reports

Video from special meeting to declare water emergency coming soon!

Marijuana Investigation Arrests

Elder Abuse

Marijuana Investigation

FBI Seeking "Aviator Sunglasses" Bank Robber Bandit

7.8.14 Rio Dell is officially in a Stage 3 water emergency - mandatory water rationing of 50 gals. per person per day starting immediately. City water plan & details of emergency measures - City curtailed water rights exemption application

Missing Person Morgan Martin

Suspect arrested in Beating

Sheriff Citizens on Patrol

7.7.14 Rio Dell City Council special meeting Tues 5:00pm "Notice of unavailability of water and immediate curtailment of water diversion from the Eel River/implementation of Mandatory Stage 3 Water Reduction Plan (ACTION)" State letter re. insufficient water in the Eel and Van Duzen Rivers

Water curtailment orders issued for the Eel River - Association of CA Water Agencies

Bottle Bomb Found at McKinleyville High School

7.6.14 Severe California drought intensifies - The Guardian

Regional drought map by U.S. Drought Monitor

7.4.14 Structure fire at 1652 B Street

7.3.14 Ferndale fair feud continues - Lost Coast Outpost

Traffic stop leads to felony arrest of Robert Tyson and Kirtisha Prudhomme

Austin Neuroth arrested for meth sales and stolen property

Suspicious device found in McKinleyville home during probation search

FYI-3% automatic annual water/sewer rate increase goes into effect July 1st, new sewer rate structure begins August 1st (will increase sewer bill for some homes and businesses) and water rate study to significantly increase rates has begun

7.2.14 Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Teen Court Sends Six Youth to CA Statewide Youth Court Summit

Arcata Man Seriously Hurt by Illegal Fireworks

6.30.14 Rio Dell residents provided over $47,000 in subsidized utilities to city employees from 2003-2011 according to city records

Assault RobberyTheft Suspect Wanted

Man Arrested for Terrorist Threats

6.28.14 The 6.24.14 meeting is online! Includes budget approval with reimbursement for RDVFD utility charges, etc.

City Council meeting Tues. July 1, 2014 Agenda Packet - includes approval of new city manager contract, 1% city sales tax measure for Nov. ballot (total sales tax would then be 8.5%), presentation regarding local greenhouse gas inventory, and more...

Three city council positions to be on the Nov. ballot - interested parties need to file their paperwork by August 8th. Councilmember Melissa Marks has already stated she will not run for re-election; other positions are held by Julie Woodall and Gordon Johnson.

6.27.14 New City Manager, Kyle C. Knopp, employment agreement to be approved Tuesday

Marijuana Investigation-Arrests

6.25.14 Tim Shelley, owner of Tim's Plumbing, arrested for felony charges of illegal business operations and more...

Four arrests made in large Dinsmore area marijuana bust which include water diversion and environmental damage

Long time Eureka city auditor, Neil Prince, passes away

California website owners arrested for facilitating prostitution and money laundering

Petaluma couple indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States

6.24.14 Rio Dell passes the budget; will reimburse the Fire Dept. for water/sewer charges. City will begin to account for its own water usage for the first time rather than spread the costs to rate payers. City employees received subsidized water from 2003-2011 but don't any longer according to City Manager Jim Stretch (public records here).


Marijuana Investigation Arrest

Passing the Torch of Humboldt Made

6.23.14 The 6.17.14 City Council Meeting Part 2 is online!

KMUD highlights of June 17th city council meeting

6.22.14 Pain from water shortage widespread and growing - Sacramento Bee Even CalFire has been ordered to stop diverting water that serves four critical fire camps at the start of fire season.

Understanding Prop 218 Legislative analysis published in 1996 and available to all cities

6.21.14 City provides utiliity billing information in response to record request - additional records are expected. Original request here.

Special meeting Tues June 24th 6:30pm to approve budget and more...

6.20.14 Explorer Acadamy Graduation

Assault with Deadly Weapon

Traveling the Baja with Local Filmmaker

The 6.17.14 City Council Meeting Part 1 is online! Includes discussion of Prop 218 and utility charges for Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department. Note-the city does not pay for its own utility usage despite Prop 218.

6.19.14 Redway Burglary Arrest

6.18.14 Firearm Arrest

Community Events updated re. "free" city water

Highlights of the June 10, 2014 Rio Dell City Council Special Session - Includes budget review, Prop 218 and subsidized water to the city, etc.

KIEM-TV Channel 3 coverage of City Council meeting - they did a good job with the story and weren't misled by the city line re. Davis lawsuit

6.17.14 Jail Death update

Sacramento Grand Jury Report re. subsidized water violates Prop. 218 The cities have been on notice for years that they can not keep overcharging rate payers to provide "free" water to the city or anyone else.

6.16.14 Burglary

Child Endangerment

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Death Investigation

Vandalism at Eureka High


6.13.14 City council meeting Tues. June 17th 6:30pm Agenda Packet -note: minutes of prior meetings and sewer rate study are missing every other page due to a failure by city staff to copy double sided documents. Agenda includes passage of 2014-2015 Recommended Deficit Budget, zoning changes, approval of long debated changes to sewer rate charges, and more...

Dying councilman's inquiry raises questions at City Hall - Times Standard

Fire at Rio Dell business early this morning - Lost Coast Outpost

6.12.14 Burglary leads to arrest

6.11.14 Public Record Request re. rate payer subsidies for "free" water to city facilities and others. Prop 218 prohibits this and numerous lawsuits over the past 17 years has also found it illegal. In a related matter, the city is taking initial steps to increase water rates for the rest of us.

Trespass Marijuanna Grow

6.9.14 Assault/Brandishing with Firearm Update!

Meth Bust Updated

Meth Bust

Assault/Brandishing with Firearm

6.7.14 Special Meeting Tues June 10th, 6:30pm - Agenda Packet Budget study session regarding large budget deficit and plan to add staff to public works and police dept. City will decide what type of tax measure to put on the November ballot-utility tax or sales tax. General tax measure only requires 50% + 1 voter approval. Read the attached agenda packet for details.

Hollywood-style surveillance technology closer to reality - Center for Investigative Reporting "Wide area surveillance" going on all around you at all times gathering and retaining massive amounts of information on every individual whether or not you've done anything wrong.

Widespread use of license plate scanners by law enforcement causes privacy concerns - LA Times Data is being gathered by or sold to private companies as well

6.6.14 CASA of Humboldt Open House - next training session is starting soon!

6.4.14 Final election results

Walk away inmate

6.3.14 Early election results - numbers will be changing as more precincts come in. Rio Dell precinct voters were clearly in favor of Maggie Flemming for District Attorney.

Election Day! Polls are open 7am-8pm.

6.2.14 Murder Suspect Booked into H.C.C.F.

6.1.14 Juvenile shot in Weitchpec

5.31.14 City Council meeting Tues. June 3rd 6:30pm Agenda Packet - includes authorizing water rate study as first step in significant rate increase, consideration of adding Christian prayers to council meeting, etc. Don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday!

5.29.14 DA Candidate Forum Video

Juan Ferrer to be arraigned on murder charges June 10th at 1:30pm in Dept. 4 by Judge Wilson - faces up to 26 years in prison if found guilty. Judge Wilson found good cause to go forward with the case after the controversial plea bargain offer by the DA's office of 2 years in county jail was denied by the court previously. Co-defendants Sophie Rocheleau and Nicholas Stoiber face 2nd degree felony assault charges.

5.28.14 Audio highlights from the DA Candidate Forum - Full Audio

KMUD Reports updated

Discharge of a Firearm

POP finds Gun, Drugs, Stolen Property

5.27.14 District Attorney Candidate Forum tomorrow at 6:30pm in Rio Dell City Hall

Local Filmmakers Night - featuring Ace Aseltine of Revolution Motion Pictures

5.26.14 History of Memorial Day - Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Boots on the Ground-The U.S. Marines in the Pacific during World War II - US History Scene

5.25.14 Shooting in Alderpoint


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5.22.14 Smash & grab robberies in Eureka

Sewer rate structure change expected to dramatically increase monthly bills for businesses. Public hearing continued to 6/3 meeting when council will vote to approve. Some bills will increase from $76 to over $200 a month for sewer alone. Water rate increase will be coming soon according to council as they also consider putting a tax on the November ballot for all residents.

5.16.14 City council meeting Tuesday May 20th 6:30pm Agenda Packet - includes approval of sewer rate changes, Old Ranch Rd. water customers update (moving towards possible litigation), etc. Read the minutes from the budget meeting re. shortfall and references to some questionable activities to balance the books previously. City is also moving towards putting a tax increase for residents on the November ballot, raise water rates and more...

5.15.14 Hash lab busted

5.14.14 Update: Officer Shot

Humboldt Murder Suspect Captured by U.S. Marshals

This is what a 'Holy Shit' moment looks like - Mother Jones

Armed Robbery

5.12.14 Mobile outreach services vehicle schedule

5.10.14 April had a record number of big earthquakes - The Atlantic

5.9.14 Policing for Profit? Lawmakers, advocates raise alarm at growing gov’t power to seize property - Fox News

5.8.14 District Attorney Forum in Rio Dell

5.7.14 Armed Robbery Arrest

Deputy Shot Update

5.6.14 Deputy Shot During Civil Eviction

5.5.14 Pacific View Charter School robbed of 15 computers

Cal fire burn permits required now

5.4.14 Old Ranch Rd. meeting minutes re. city plans to stop providing water to the well used by multiple property owners. 1979 Haberstock agreement states "The City of Rio Dell simply agrees to furnish water to said system..." which is the shared well. The city has linked this issue with a demand for an easement to the Monument Springs property that the city wants to sell. Minutes also state the city is going to be raising everyone's water rates again "in the near future."

5.3.14 City Council meeting Tuesday May 6th 6:30pm - Agenda Packet - includes extension of contract with City Manager Jim Stretch, presentation re. Old Ranch Rd. water line, etc.

5.2.14 Attempted Murder Suspect Silverio Sanchez Update

EPD requests assistance identifying robbery suspect

California cops search for fire chief suspected in homicide - Fox News

5.1.14 Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested


4.30.14 Assault with Firearm Arrest

Robbery in McKinleyville

King Salmon Search and Rescue

Marijuana Investigation near School

Marijuana Plants Siezed on Native American Ceremonial Site

4.28.14 Home Invasion Robbery

4.27.14 State drought emergency response update report

4.24.14 Still Missing Person Jacqueline Joanne Sullivan, 39 years old Update!!!

Homicide Investigation: Wanted Benjamin Jasper Carter More!!!

4.23.14 Daily Booking Sheet RDPD arrest Silverio Parra Snider Sanchez for outstanding warrant and giving a false name to an officer.  State it is not the wanted attempted murder suspect with the exact same name.

Meth Amphetamine and Warrent Arrest

4.22.14 Assault with a Pitchfork

Response to PRA request for police investigation report

4.21.14 Board of Supervisors to give Metropolitan Rd Extension to Rio Dell for wastewater treatment facility - Clarification: the 'facility' referred to is the effluent drainage site

Homicide Investigation

Residential Burglary

Theft Suspect Arrested

Water district cuts off growers to ensure supply for homes - Press Democrat

4.20.14 Fatal motorcycle crash on Broadway

4.19.14 Homicide Investigation- Benjamin Carter wanted for questioning

4.18.14 Marijuana Investigation

Alexander Bennett, Ethan Gordon & Kyli Howard arrested at a Fortuna motel

Yet another raid at Fortuna storage facility; another 1,3000 plants taken

4.17.14 Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep - 13 registrants in Rio Dell

Christopher Crowl & Joyce Mullins arrested hiding inside the roof above Starbucks

Nathan Burgoon arrested for charges of felon in possession of multiple guns

Jesse Hanson arrested trying to steal a vehicle in Fortuna

4.16.14 2,000 plants found in drug bust at storage facility in Fortuna - Lost Coast Outpost

Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested in Weott

Armed Robbery Update

4.15.14 Large Heroin Seizure

Armed Robbery

4.14.14 Missing Person

4.13.14 PRA Administrative investigation for Rio Dell police department

4.12.14 Probation reports released for Gary Bullock and Bodhi Tree murder investigations - Northcoast Journal

Council meeting Tuesday April 15th 6:30pm - Agenda Packet Includes Access Humboldt agreement, wastewater fees public hearing (will result in an increase to any home using more than 5 ccf units water monthly), and more... closed door session prior to public meeting includes consultation with legal counsel re. SHN lawsuit and anticipated suit against Roger Barisdale for encroachments in the cities right of way to the Eel River at the end of Painter St.

Letter from city to Arnold Kemp of Kemp Inspection Service terminating contract - "I trust you realize that you have placed the city in an untenable position, perhaps for years."

Missing person found safe!

4.11.14 Missing Person

Death toll raises to 10 in bus crash of students touring colleges - LA Times

Man rescued off of Samoa succombs to injuries

4.10.14 Water Rescue at King Salmon

Nine students killed in bus crash on the way to tour HSU - KRCR News

4.9.14 The 4.1.14 council meeting is online! Includes discussion of gifted recreational property to city by school district, survey to establish right-of-way from end of Davis St to Eel River, termination of contract with Arnold Kemp of Kemp Inspection Service for failure to provide any certifications as required, problem with Eel River effluent pipeline easement and more...

Times-Standard Lays Off Copy Desk, Tri-City Weekly Editor; Parent Chain Appears to be Spinning Down Quick - Lost Coast Outpost

Missing Person 17 year old Sara Horn

Attempted Murder Suspect, Silverio Sanchez aka Pal, Wanted--known to have connections in Rio Dell and Fortuna

4.8.14 Missing Person Carlson Thomas

Attempted Murder Suspect Wanted More!!!

Double Homicide Suspect Arrested

4.7.14 Fire and Death Investigation

4.6.14 Updated: Latest Game Build Xube Cube

KMUD report of 4.1.14 Council Meeting

4.5.14 Structure Fire at Fields Landing 2 Fatalities more...

Deeds and easements provided by the city re. Monument Springs (including deed from 1884)

4.3.14 Judge tosses out plea agreement in Anderson-Jordet murder case (audio report)

4.1.14 City terminates contract with long time building inspector Arnold Kemp-cites lack of any certification. He will be expected to complete permits that were paid in advance or refund the fees. Community Development Director Kevin Caldwell to become certified.


3.31.14 City responds to public record request re. Monument Springs

Follow-up record request re. Monument Springs

3.29.14 Rio Dell City Counsel meeting Tuesday April 1st 6:30pm Agenda Packet - Includes traffic committee report, new Finance Director agreement with Brooke Woodcox (official start date is 4/7), authorization for Davis St. right of way survey at Eel River (River's Edge RV Park) and school property acquisition expenses of $17,145 and more...

Slide shuts road near Gold Bluffs Beach Campground, Fern Canyon - Lost Coast Outpost

3.28.14 Drug Arrests


3.26.14 Murder Arrests

Assault with serious injury

3.25.14 Marijuana Investigation

3.24.14 Rio Dell v. SHN Consulting Engineers DR130745 alleging negligent design and more related to the water infiltration gallery project done in 2006 - complaint - response

Full meeting video from 3.18.14 city council meeting is now online!

3.22.14 Humboldt County Community Health Assessment 2013 - overall health outcomes puts Humboldt 48th out of 57 counties in health and even farther down the list for mortality

More clips from 3.18.14 meeting re. Old Ranch Rd. including Charll Stoneman, David & Susan Hagemann, Kay Peake and Mike

3.20.14 Clips from Tuesday's council meeting regarding the council action to significantly alter or terminate water service to homes on Old Ranch Rd. Clips include City Manager Jim Stretch, Laura Coleman & Elizabeth Coleman Johnson. The full meeting video is coming soon.

3.18.14 Arcata fatal stabbing case reassigned from Firpo to Gallegos - Times-Standard

3.17.14 Missing Person Sheila Franks, 37 years old More!!!

Explosives Dynamite Found

Public records request submitted re. Old Ranch Rd. water access and move to terminate water service to long standing customers

3.16.14 Pursuit/Injured USFS Officer Shots Fired The suspect is
currently at large and is considered armed and dangerous. More!!!

Community Events updated re. city moves to terminate water service to properties

3.14.14 City council meeting Tuesday the 18th 6:30pm Agenda Packet Includes authorization to alter or discontinue water service to properties on Old Ranch Rd, and more... Closed door session prior to meeting to discuss pending lawsuit against SHN Consulting Engineers (case number DR130745)

Burglary Arrests then Release

3.13.14 Missing Person

Arrests: Guns, Drugs, Cash...

DA Candidate Elan Firpo hosting Town Hall event March 16th

3.12.14 March 4th Rio Dell City Council Meeting Second District Supervisor Estelle Fennell Discusses water emergency plans and more.

3.11.14 Holly Grigsby pleads guilty in death of 4 during killing spree, including Reginald Alan Clark in Eureka - Oregon Live

3.10.14 Wanted: Dog Killer $20,000 Reward!

3.9.14 6.9 magnitude earthquake located west of Ferndale - USGS

3.8.14 Family of murdered Arcata chef to challenge plea deal - Times Standard

The faces of 'Obamacare' - Northcoast Journal

3.7.14 Humboldt County Fire Prevention Officer's Association News Release

Death Investigation

Large Meth-Heroin Seizure

Hash Lab Arrest

Search Warrant for Narcotics Leads to Stolen Property Recovery

Road Rage Incident 

3.6.14 Weapons, Stolen Property Arrest More!!!

Marijuana Investigation

Blast from the past-Dinsmore Plateau housing development - Times Standard The developer paid to enlarge the Rio Dell water tank near the plateau and the city envisioned lots of revenue from the high end project until the developer was busted on federal charges of money laundering and drugs.

3.5.14 Three Eureka men plead guilty to federal charges of causing serious environmental damage by cultivating marijuana on an ecological reserve

3.4.14 Tracy Johnson arrested for weapons violations in Loleta

3.3.14 City council packet available for tomorrow's meeting

Crowbar Assault

Humboldt Voters to Decide if Corporations should be Legal People

EPD Launches Operation Safe Tweets

Stolen Property Recovered

3.2.14 City Council Meeting Tuesday 6:30pm Agenda (the full agenda packet is not available from the city online to date) Includes discussion of local drought situation with County Supervisor Estelle Fennel, change to budget to 'increase water fund revenues' (no details available), approve 66% increase to building permit fees, approval of home occupation and cottage industry regulations, etc.


2.27.14 Eureka's Most Wanted

2.27.14 San Jose Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Attempting to Bomb Bank In Oakland

Commercial Burglary

2.25.14 The 2.18.14 city council meeting is online! Includes discussion of 66% increase in building permit fees, sludge from Ferndale, changes to the home occupation and cottage industry regulations, etc.

Board of Supervisors Headwaters Fund Annual Report - recommendation to stop awarding community investment fund grants for two years to build fund back up. Note the chart near the end with the breakdown of past funding including multiple grants to Rio Dell.

at the same meeting, Headwaters Fund awards $13,551 grant to film commission to hold an industry tour of the area.

Pharmacy Burglary

2.24.14 William Hillegeist arrested for drugs after trespassing in Eureka

Explosive Device Found Near School

Assault by Arrow

2.23.14 KMUD Radio highlights of the 2.18.14 City Council meeting - Includes study session re. high energy use tax, more discussion of 66% increase to permit fees, changes to home occupation and cottage industry regs, etc.

2.22.14 Feds cut water to California Central Valley farmers - SF Gate

Toxic waste is good for you (exerpt) - Organic Consumers A must-read about the PR campaign to change the name from sewage sludge to biosolids and convince consumers of its "beneficial use." Sludge by any other name is still sewage sludge.

2.21.14 Four killed in Tribal Office over eviction dispute - ABC News

Devi Louhenapessy arrested for cultivation with 79 pounds of marijuana

2.20.14 Council packet for Tuesday's meeting is finally available. Contains proposed agreement for building inspection with the city paying for insurance on behalf of contractor, home occupation and cottage industry regulations, etc. The packet is the only place where you will see the actual details.

Dirty cop sentenced for extortion, wire fraud, and more...

2.19.14 Public hearing to be held March 4th re. 66% total increase in building permit fees in order to pay for insurance on behalf of independent contractor in addition to making the program self-sufficient. More details in Community Events...

State pays $49 million in bonus to Bay Bridge construction company despite broken bolts, water leaks, and more - SF Gate

2.18.14 EUREKA, CA—Allan Dollison, candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney is opposed to the plea deal of Involuntary Manslaughter given out to Juan Joseph Ferrer, by DA Candidate Elan Firpo. More!!!

2.15.14 City Council meeting Tuesday the 18th 6:30pm Agenda (full packet not available online) Study Session 6:00pm re. high energy use tax presentation. City to declare two city water wells for sale, approve agreement with uninsured building inspector Arnold Kemp while scheduling a public hearing to raise the building permit fees to pay for his insurance and establish precedent for any other independent contractor that wants the city to pay their standard costs of business. First reading of ordinance changes for home occupation and cottage industry but no details are available online as the city has not uploaded the agenda packet as of this date.

Blast from the past - Cronyism here in Rio Dell

KMUD Radio city council meeting summary online!

Wanted fugitive couple, Lance Borgner & Christina Higgins arrested in Eureka

2.14.14 Dog owned by local research scientist is poisoned as possible retaliation

Car theft investigation leads to arrest of Sandra Belisle (again) in Fortuna

Tax attorney pleads guilty to tax fraud by failing to report $1.3 million of income

2.13.14 Court strikes down California law restricting concealed weapons - SF Gate

2.12.14 Drug bust at residence on 4th St. results in seven arrests for various charges

The 2.4.14 City Council meeting is online! Includes city proposal to significantly increase building permit fees in order to make program self-supporting and to pay for basic professional insurance on behalf of independent contractor city building inspector Arnold Kemp. Fees would be raised drastically in order to cover the costs.

2.11.14 Investigation into check fraud by James Cunha and Rebecca Hamline continues

Burglary, Drugs, Stolen Property, Arrests more!!!

EPD Requests Public's Help in Locating Humboldt's "Most Wanted" Fugitives

2.10.14 Lance Borgner, Christina Higgins wanted for attempted robbery in McKinleyville

2.9.14 Big Game Update Online! Xube Cube

Urn holding cremated remains stolen from Ocean View Cemetery

2.7.14 Animal Cruelty

Dead of night: late night jail releases - North Coast Journal

2.5.14 People vs. Gary Lee Bullock set for trial August 4th, 2014 for the alleged murder and torture of Father Eric Freed after a hearing earlier today where another "not guilty" plea was entered by Bullock.

Fracking is depleting water in California and other drought-prone areas - The Guardian

Burglary in McKinleyville includes stolen truck, large amount of currency and numerous guns

Local telephone scam reported; caller claims warrant issued for failure to appear for jury duty

2.4.14 Agenda packet now available - includes documentation (starting on pg. 34) on a proposal to raise city building permit fees in order to pay for insurance that the independent contractor building inspector has never had despite errors & ommission insurance being an industry standard cost of doing business. Independent contractors typically pay for their own insurance as a cost of doing business. More in Community Events...

2.3.14 City Council meeting tomorrow 6:30pm - full agenda packet not available online yet.

2.1.14 CA Dept of Water Resources cuts off water allotments to 25 million residents - SF Gate

Fracking off the California coast - USA Today Offshore fracking has been going on under the radar for almost 2 decades at hundreds of wells while releasing contaminated water into the ocean

Ongoing drought coverage - SF Gate


1.30.14 Drug bust nets 229 pounds plus two arrests; Shinael Wolf-Kelly and Jonah Greenfield

Firefighters refuse to help dying man outside station due to 'protocol' - CNN

1.29.14 The Jan 21st City Council meeting is online!

Dennis Miranda arrested for assault in road rage incident

Burglary in Bridgeville includes 26 firearms and a large amount of marijuana

Armed home invasion robbery in Miranda

1.27.14 Christopher Crowl arrested for robbery in Fortuna

Five arrested for dealing drugs out of National Nine Motel in Fortuna

1.22.14 Drought jeopardizes summer boating at Ruth Lake - Mad River Union

California water reservoir levels (graphic updated daily)

County asks city to cut river water use due to drought - The Press Democrat Rio Dell has already received a notice from the state that the right to pull water from the Eel River is at risk if drought continues.

1.21.14 Bullock Will Be Held to Answer for Torture, Murder of Father Freed - Lost Coast Outpost

1.20.14 California drought: lessons from the 70's - SF Gate

City Council meeting Tuesday 6:30pm Agenda (agenda packet not available online at this time) Agenda includes presentation of grant opportunity for electric vehicle charging station at city hall, upgrade of council chamber public address system, approval bio-solids giveaway, and more...

1.18.14 Memories of the 1964 flood - Lost Coast Outpost Note-Rio Dell was left stranded after bridges on both sides of town were wiped out. The story includes amazing photos and comments from those that lived through it.

Rio Dell bridge demolished by the 1964 flood (photo) - Lynette's NorCal History Blog

Humboldt County live streaming audio scanner feeds from law enforcement, CalFire, etc.

1.17.14 Witnesses Say Priest was Beaten, Likely Choked to Death With Broken Glass Vase - Lost Coast Outpost

Father Eric’s Belongings Found Beneath the Miranda Bridge - Lost Coast Outpost

1.16.14 Details from the Bullock preliminary hearing held earlier today...

USDA declares half of California a natural disaster area due to drought - Mercury News At least 3 more months of dry weather predicted. Statewide declaration expected very soon

Scotia office raided by DEA and DTF on Monday - Lost Coast Outpost

1.15.14 Local man dies from H1N1 flu - vaccinations available at Public Health

Pursuit and Brandishing

Blue Lake signs contract with HCSO for law enforcement services

1.14.14 Scotia home burned to the ground last night, family safe - Times Standard

Trails in Rio Dell? - Lost Coast Outpost (audio) Note-sidewalks and crosswalks have been added to increase 'safe routes to school' but the city council has voted against any regional trail (aka rail with trails) every time it has come up before

Judy Long arrested for multiple robberies in Old Town

Attempted murder on Humboldt Hill

1.13.14 Former Yurok Tribe Forestry Director, Roland Raymond, sentenced for embezzlement

Shawn McCallum wanted for domestic violence, burglary, false imprisonment, and more...

William Sumpter Jr. arrested for attempted murder

Eugene Hatfield arrested with the help of K9 unit during burglary at medical office in Fortuna

1.12.14 Small California town to vote on beginning the process to unincorporate this week - SCPR

1.10.14 Valerie Dake, Casey Cooper, Ryan Hill arrested for drugs in McKinleyville with four children taken into custody

Homicide suspect arrested in Fortuna

Update-Larry Morrow arrested for Trinidad murder

Homicide in Trinidad

Arkley blames Betty Chin "and her ilk" for Father Eric's murder - Lost Coast Outpost

At-risk missing person, Ryan Grammer, located

1.7.14 Some details of the method of death released in Father Freed murder case - Time

Shena Christensen and Carter Daniels arrested with heroin, mushrooms, meth, prescription drugs, pot...

Yet another armed robbery at McKinleyville 76 Gas Station

Federal appeals court rules withholding of vital evidence OK in black lung case - Center for Public Integrity

1.6.14 Gary Lee Bullock arraigned today for the 1st degree murder of Father Eric Freed - continuing coverage here

1.5.14 McKinleyville CSD meeting to raise water rates again - KMUD reports

1.4.14 Humboldt County court calendar available online

1.3.14 City council meeting Tuesday 6:30pm - Agenda Packet

Unequal opportunities: the case against Eureka City Schools - Northcoast Journal

DA drops case against Eureka Police Department Sgt. Adam Laird

No reason to hold Bullock before the murder - ABC News

Remembering Father Eric - My Teacher, My Mentor, My Friend - Lost Coast Outpost

Allan Dollison announces campaign for District Attorney at public event

1.2.14 Ongoing coverage of murder investigation here - check back often for updates as case progresses

Update Suspect Gary Lee BULLOCK in custody

EPD releases additional details of Father Eric's murder investigation

Drew Earhart arrested for attempted murder in Garberville

Structure fire on Allard Ave.

Todays press conference identifying Suspect Gary Lee Bullock as suspect in the Murder of Father Eric Freed

Suspect in the Murder of Father Eric identified Gary Lee BULLOCK at Large. MORE!!!


Father Eric's Nissan Altima hybrid sought in murder investigation

Father Eric Freed murdered at St. Bernard rectory - press conference and updates here

Violent crime at St. Bernard's Rectory - Lost Coast Outpost


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